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Score Badminton 4.45 APK MOD Software for Android – APK Download

Score Badminton 4.45 APK MOD Software for Android APK Download

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Score Badminton APK MOD Software for Android – APK Download Supports you in scoring/sharing a badminton match.

β€’ clearly displays the current score
β€’ shows who is supposed to be serving from which side
β€’ has a simple undo button (we all make mistakes)
β€’ allow easy or automatic flipping players when they change ends
β€’ option to see scoring history of each game in a graph
β€’ possibility of using timers (with optional sound/vibration notifications)
β€’ possibility of casting the score on to a TV using ChromeCast
β€’ possibility of mirroring the score on another android device using Bluetooth
β€’ has the possibility to recall the entire score sequences of all games of a match
β€’ support for referee-ing doubles matches
β€’ import/export functionality for previously reffed matches
β€’ transfer ‘in progress’ match to another device using NFC (a.k.a. S-Beam)
β€’ can be used in landscape and portrait orientation
β€’ option to share the entire scoring history on e.g. Facebook
β€’ option to share a summary of several related matches (e.g. club against club)
β€’ option to send the result of a match by text message or email e.g. to a fellow club/team mate
β€’ when sharing by means of email it is possible to include the complete scoring history
β€’ tries to auto-complete player names from your contact list (enable in settings)
β€’ remembers previous entered player names for auto completion for next matches
β€’ remembers all matches you scored
β€’ specify a color per player (e.g. of the shirt they play in)
β€’ select matches listed on e.g.
β€’ define matches up front for easy selection later
β€’ option to use different tie-break formats
β€’ customize colors of the app (e.g. to match your club colors)
β€’ official badminton rules link in menu (configurable)
β€’ post a result to a configurable website (ask the web-master of your club)
You may check with your web-master if it is possible to have one or both of these last two options made available

The WearOS (wearable) version supports the more basic functionality only.

β€’ Read Contacts: for auto-completing player names when setting up a match
β€’ Read/Write storage:for backing up details of each match you refereed with the app
β€’ Network Access: for reading matches/player names from a feed
β€’ Pair with Bluetooth devices: for mirroring score
β€’ Vibration Control: mainly to notify you that a timer has (or is nearly) finished

Online Help:
– Allow scoring via media playback control buttons. e.g.
– use ‘Previous song’ for scoring for player A,
– use ‘Next song’ for scoring for B,
– and ‘Play/Pause’ for Undo
– You need to specifically enable this options in ‘Settings > Behaviour’
– Improvements for casting

Score Badminton 4.45 APK MOD Software for Android – APK Download Infomation

requiresAndroid 4.4+

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