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Idle Cultivation-magic king 1.2.20 APK MOD Software for Android – APK Download

Idle Cultivation-magic king 1.2.20 APK MOD Software for Android APK Download

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Idle Cultivation-magic king APK MOD Software for Android – APK Download [Game Features]

☉Re-sing classics, follow the fate and cultivate immortals
The brand-new placement on-hook method of cultivating immortals allows you to be completely immersed in an alternative world of cultivating immortals.
Three characters with cool skills and special effects, blood awakening, gorgeous transformation gameplay, unparalleled harvesting and building a dream fairy alliance! Original 4-stage light sword flying, exclusive professional full-screen second monster skills, enjoy the super killing sense of the screen burst, all-weather world BOSS challenge gameplay, 100 times the drop rate of fashion and artifacts, fun and not liver, offline upgrades, work and ride Hey, liberating nature, 360-degree panoramic view, sit on the mount to enjoy the flight throughout the world, and enjoy the full sensory experience of fairy wonders. Cultivating the way of heaven and earth, savoring all tastes of life, the world of high degree of freedom of cultivation, invites you to build a fairy bond!

☉Visit the world, cross the catastrophe and experience
A large number of meticulously designed experience missions, full of traps, and ambushes of monsters, make every corner of the world an unexpected wonderland adventure.

☉Genius Earth Treasure Spirit Gathering Caster
Gather spirits and pick jade, strengthen and refine to cast ancient artifacts, magical costumes, prehistoric aliens, and dazzling.

☉The Romance of Opportunity
Cultivated ancient magical skills, the full-screen burial sound array show turned the sky. With such an opportunity, if I am not a fairy, whoever will become a fairy. Immortal fate is not here, adventures continue, as long as you are willing to work hard, you will surely be able to help you proud of the Three Realms with ordinary qualifications!

☉Tantian enlightenment ranks among the immortal class
Cultivating immortals is not easy, and there is no shortage of wealth and wealth. Explore unknown areas and challenge brand-new levels, all the hardships, all kinds of magic, just to ascend as soon as possible. Infinite celestial arts, interlocking growth systems, hundreds of heavenly books, ancient magic weapons, and mysterious spiritual pets are in your bag, and you will become immortal as soon as possible, and you will be in the celestial class, and your dream is right in front of your eyes.

☉Fairs in the world
Fairies and confidantes often accompany them, double cultivation and practice the guardian sword together, and jointly create the gods and relatives. A true multi-directional love system, waiting for those who are destined, holding hands with the love of life, loving one person and guarding a city, and encountering your love in the Warring States period. Find the TA that you like, hold a grand wedding, and live and die together forever.

☉Hanging up in the secret realm
A copy of a hundred times experience, a fantasy secret realm hang-up adventure. Ten thousand demon ancestors, the legend of the fairy and the hero is full of fun.

☉Learning and fighting together, cooperating to kill demons
Cross-server BOSS, tens of thousands of people on the same screen, learn how to fight, fight with swords, slay monsters, team up to slay monsters, powerful gatekeepers, fight for hegemony, slash monsters and snakes, and quell dragons and fury. Sophisticated team dungeons, the resurgence of heroes gather, proclaim the gods, claim the king, experience the king’s privileges, and enjoy the worship of thousands. Give everyone a brand new world of Xianxia!

☉Massive gifts and free benefits
Massive benefits are free, daily sign-in, cumulative login, fire rune magic weapon, illustrated book priesthood, etc., easily participate in activities to receive a lot of benefits. Spirit pets, gods and gods, ever-changing fairy feathers, and ancient monsters. The journey of immortality is long, obedience is ordinary, reverse is immortal, but mortal is just a thought.

Idle Cultivation-magic king 1.2.20 APK MOD Software for Android – APK Download Infomation

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requiresAndroid 4.4+

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