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Callbreak League – Card Game APK MOD Software for Android – APK Download

Callbreak League – Card Game APK MOD Software for Android APK Download

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Callbreak League – Card Game APK MOD Software for Android – APK Download “Callbreak League brings the classic and old version of callbreak, a multiplayer trick-taking card game with the original gameplay experience!

Game Features
1. Callbreak League is free to download and play. You can experience the real deals and play against players from all over the world. Callbreak League is the platform where you can improve your skill and challenge yourself.

2. You can play Callbreak League online or offline. The multiplayer card game can start in seconds, without waiting too long. You can make friends and enjoy the fun in Callbreak League.

3. More gameplay and functions are coming soon!

Game Rules
1. Basic
Callbreak is a multiplayer trick-taking card game played by 4 players on the table, with a standard fifty-two cards’ deck. There’re three rounds in a quick-mode game and five rounds in a standard-mode game.

2. Direction
In callbreak, the dealer and players’ playing directions are decided before the first game starts. To fix the dealer and players’ playing directions, each player draws a card, then the dealer and players’ playing directions are selected by the order of the cards. The dealers will be changed in counter-clockwise direction.

3. Deal
The dealer deals the cards in counter-clockwise direction to all the players, making thirteen cards per each player in callbreak.

4. Call
In the callbreak card game, all the players call a number of tricks in order that they will win each round to get positive scores, otherwise they will get negative scores.

5. Play
Spade is the trump card in the callbreak card game. Players must always try to win each trick, playing cards as high as possible according to the rules below:
follow the same suit-> play a trump card to win-> play any card.

6. Trick
The first player of the first trick can start the play with any hand card in callbreak. A trick is won by the highest spade card played or the highest card of the same suit. Players play in counter-clockwise direction and the winner of each trick start the new trick.

7. Score
In callbreak, players taking at least as many tricks as their calls get scores equal to their calls. Over tricks will be worth an 0.1 scores each. Otherwise, points will be deducted equal to the calls.

Names of the card game
1. Spades (in western world)
2. Callbreak, Call bridge (in Nepal)
3. Lakdi, Lakadi (in India)
4. Ghochi, Tash ka game
5. Gulli, 29 patti game, Call break multiplayer”

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