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Booray Plus – Fun Card Games APK MOD Software for Android – APK Download

Booray Plus – Fun Card Games APK MOD Software for Android APK Download

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Booray Plus – Fun Card Games APK MOD Software for Android – APK Download Experience a fast paced mix of your favorite card games with Booray, an exciting, trick taking popular card game. A regional game home to the American Southeast, Booray (also known as Bourré, Bourre, Boo ray and Boo-ray) is a classic card game where players ante and try to win tricks. This fun to play card game allows for multiple players, so you can get in on the action with your friends. Learn to play this trick-taking card game for FREE in this all-new app!

● Booray Rules
Booray blends your favorite card games; with the anteing of poker, trick-taking of Hearts or Spades, and strategy of Euchre. This easy to learn card game has roots similar to other trick and draw games like briscola, boureki, polignac and pinochle. Bourré has many similarities to other trick-avoidance games, but also has its own unique flavor.

The Bourre card game rules are this: Each player is dealt five cards from the card deck (without the Joker), with the dealer’s last card deciding trump suit (with no best bower). Then, taking turns, players play their cards, following suit if they can, (If a player cannot follow suit, they may play a trump card) either the highest trump card, or if there are no trumps, the highest card of the led suit, wins the trick. Whichever player wins the majority of the five tricks is the winner of that round, taking the chips from the pot.

● Booray Card Game Strategy
This fun to play game for Android phone and tablet is an easy to learn game, but has layers of complexity and strategy. Figuring out which hands to play, which cards to discard, when to use your top trump, and when to fold will provide players non-stop fun. In this Booray card game app, you’ll be able to put to use any skill and strategy you’ve acquired from other trick-and-draw games like knock, euchre, whist, joker deck and contact bridge.

● Fast-Paced Fun
Booray is a fun to play card game similar to poker and spades. With this app, you’ll be able to pick up the Bourre rules in no time, and get down to playing. With quick, exciting rounds, you’ll be able to fit in a Bourre game on the go, or at home. This is similar to a poker card game which will excite your inner competitor. Can you become the best Booray player among your friends in this multiple players card game?

● A Mix of your Favorite Games
If you compare Booray vs spades, you’ll see many similarities of point-trick games. The trick draw games playstyle of Booray will seem instantly familiar to anyone who has played spades, hearts, texas 42, reversis, euchre, or pinochle. The core mechanics of all these trick draw games will make Booray feel like a similar to hearts game.

● Learn a New Game
Even if you’ve never played before, this app is the best place to play Booray online with friends and family. You’ll be able to find games quickly to get up to speed, then master the best Booray card game online! If you love other trick and draw games, like bid euchre, the tarot family, texas 42, or the guts card game, Booray Plus – Fun Card Games is for you.

● Bonuses & Rewards
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