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MOBILE 2.14.9 APK MOD Software for Android APK Download

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黑色沙漠 MOBILE APK MOD Software for Android – APK Download 迎接《黑色沙漠 MOBILE》3週年慶典!

?登入就送 60級角色創建券!
?再拿太古飾品 3種!

現在馬上遊玩《黑色沙漠 MOBILE》一同歡慶3週年

▶黑色沙漠 MOBILE◀
邀請各位冒險家進入《黑色沙漠 MOBILE》遼闊的世界

受到150多個國家喜愛的 MMORPG!

■ 擬真細緻的動作 及 扎實的打擊感
享受《黑色沙漠 MOBILE》才有的極度逼真的戰鬥樂趣

■ 令人歎為觀止的高畫質手遊

■ 嘆為觀止的細膩創角系統

■ 涵蓋世界觀的豐富內容

■ 最低配備
Galaxy S6

[黑色沙漠 MOBILE 官方粉絲團]
加入官方粉絲團就能獲得《黑色沙漠 MOBILE》的最新消息!
[黑色沙漠 MOBILE 官方論壇]
隨時掌握《黑色沙漠 MOBILE》的最新消息吧!
[黑色沙漠 MOBILE 官方網站]


圖片/影片/檔案儲存 : 儲存遊戲執行相關檔案與遊戲影片/截圖時使用。

麥克風 : APP內的即時語音聊天系統的使用與錄製玩遊戲影片時使用。

▶ Android 6.0 以上: 設定 > APP > 選擇權限項目 > 權限目錄 > 選擇同意或是取消存取權限
▶ Android 6.0 以下: 需要更新系統後取消存取權限或刪除APP
※ APP有可能不提供個別統一功能,可使用以上方法取消存取權限。
※ 如果正在使用Android 6.0以下版本,無法個別設定選擇性存取權限,建議更新至6.0以上。


Welcome the 3rd Anniversary Celebration of “Black Desert MOBILE”!
Thank you to all the adventurers who accompanied us for the past 3 years ?
Celebrate the 3rd anniversary together, and give generously with various rewards and gifts!

?Log in to get a 60-level character creation coupon!
? 333 black pearls will be issued every day!
? Get 3 more Swire accessories!
✨There is also a chance to win rich prizes such as smartphones and wireless Bluetooth headsets!

Now play “Black Desert MOBILE” on horses to celebrate the 3rd anniversary together

▶Black Desert MOBILE◀
Set off for the adventure you crave
Invite adventurers into the vast world of “Black Desert MOBILE”

The MMORPG loved by more than 150 countries!
You can also experience the charm and emotion of the black desert in MOBILE

■ Realistic and detailed movements and a solid sense of strike
Characters full of personality and gorgeous skill moves
The majestic shock beyond mobile games
Enjoy the extremely realistic fighting fun of “Black Desert MOBILE”

■ Breathtaking high-quality mobile game
Close to the real exquisiteness and high-level picture quality!
The original huge worldview background and charming characters
The charm is undiminished in MOBILE

■ Amazing and delicate wound system
Easy operation, exquisite angle creation system!
Powerful Chuangjiao system breaks the new limit of mobile phones
Make a character unique to me

■ Rich content covering the world view
Rich life content and territory system such as fishing and hunting
Reliable pet adventure partner and horse breeding system
Can fully enjoy the fun of games other than combat

■ Minimum equipment
Galaxy S6

[Black Desert MOBILE Official Fan Club]
Join the official fan club to get the latest news of “Black Desert MOBILE”!
[Black Desert MOBILE Official Forum]
Keep up to date with the latest news of “Black Desert MOBILE”!
[Black Desert Mobile Official Site]
Haven’t experienced the black desert yet? Come and learn about the black desert!

▶Announcement of Smart Phone APP Access Permissions◀
When using the APP, in order to provide the following services, you will be required to access the following permissions

[Access must be obtained]
Picture/Video/File Storage: Used when saving game execution-related files and game videos/screenshots.

[Optional access permissions]
Microphone: Use the real-time voice chat system in the APP and when recording game videos.

[How to cancel access authority]
▶ Android 6.0 and above: Settings> APP> Select permission items> Permission directory> Choose to agree or cancel access permissions
▶ Below Android 6.0: Need to cancel the access permission or delete the APP after updating the system
※ APP may not provide individual unified functions, you can use the above methods to cancel access rights.
※ If you are using Android 6.0 or lower, you cannot individually set selective access permissions. It is recommended to update to 6.0 or higher.

When you cancel the required access permissions, it may happen that the file download is interrupted or you cannot log in to the game.

※This software is classified as: Supplementary Level 12 according to the Republic of China Game Software Classification Management Measures
※The content of this game involves violence, horror (without bloody screens), and the characters in the game are wearing clothing or costumes that highlight sexual characteristics but do not involve sexually suggestive.
※This game is free to use, but some content or services in the game require additional payment.
※Please pay attention to the game time and avoid indulging in the game, which may affect your physical and mental health)

黑色沙漠 MOBILE 2.14.9 APK MOD Software for Android – APK Download Infomation

Size 73MB
Location Role Playing
Version 2.14.9
AppID com.pearlabyss.blackdesertm.tw2
version 2.14.9
votes 56813
rating 7.9
install 500,000+
requires Android 5.0+

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