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The Lord of the Rings: War 1.0.204252 APK MOD Software for Android – APK Download

1.0.175905 APK MOD Software for Android APK Download

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魔戒:開戰時刻 APK MOD Software for Android – APK Download 經歷了無數的英勇奮戰和共締盟約,魔戒的爭奪暫時告一段落。 在多爾哥多被佔領後,魔戒的藏身之處也被發現了。所有的功績都隨著賽季的結束而消逝,而更多榮耀時刻也即將誕生。

【魔戒重現 逐焰中洲】

【呼朋引伴 把酒言歡】

【勢力紛爭 正邪交锋】

【中土英雄 納入麾下】
從 亞拉岡 到 勒苟拉斯,與托爾金筆下的中土英雄並肩作戰,書寫你的奇幻旅程。

【奇幻巨作 親臨探索】

【聯盟奮戰 善用權謀】

After countless heroic battles and covenants, the battle for the Lord of the Rings has come to an end temporarily. After the occupation of Dol Guldur, the Ring’s hideout was also discovered. All the exploits wear off as the season comes to an end, and more moments of glory are on the horizon.
But the light of peace has yet to come.
The Lord of the Rings is still bewitching all beings in Middle-earth, enticing them to join the War of the Rings and inflating their ambition to rule Middle-earth. Who can have the last laugh and master the hegemony of Middle-earth?
The answer will be revealed next season. The war has just begun!

[The Lord of the Rings Reappears, Chasing the Flames of Middle-earth]
In the city of Dol Guldur, the Lord of the Rings appeared. It will give its bearer great power to rule Middle-earth. The War of the Ring is about to be ignited.

【Enjoy your friends and make friends and talk about wine】
Head to the tavern for a drink and you’ll have a chance to get some hints, quests, or rumours. When you graciously invite the audience for a drink, you’ll succeed in getting the commander’s attention and accepting a special mission. If you do your job well, you have the potential to earn their respect and recruit them.

【Clash of powers, confrontation of good and evil】
Every faction aspires to possess the Lord of the Rings and use its mighty power to rule Middle-earth. Freely choose faction forces and start a holy war of the Lord of the Rings that belongs to you.

[Heroes of Middle-earth are brought under the command]
From Aragorn to Legolas, write your fantasy journey alongside Tolkien’s Middle-earth heroes.

【Fantastic masterpiece to explore in person】
Assemble an army like never before in Middle-earth, with fully armed warriors, knights, archers and more. If you can adjust your strategy flexibly, victory will be yours in the end.

[The alliance fights and makes good use of power]
Form an alliance with a loyal friend and embark on the journey of the Lord of the Rings together. Gain strength by constantly gathering resources, upgrading your main city and expanding your territory, and fight for your place in the vast world of Middle-earth. A huge challenge is waiting for you!

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魔戒:開戰時刻 1.0.175905 APK MOD Software for Android – APK Download Infomation

requiresAndroid 4.1+

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