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開心鬥一番-港式麻雀 跑馬仔 鋤大D等5 IN 1 3.8.5 APK MOD Software for Android – APK Download

– D5 IN 1 3.7.9 APK MOD Software for Android APK Download

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開心鬥一番-港式麻雀 跑馬仔 鋤大D等5 IN 1 3.7.9 screenshots 1


開心鬥一番-港式麻雀 跑馬仔 鋤大D等5 IN 1 APK MOD Software for Android – APK Download 《開心鬥一番》專爲香港玩家打造!港式麻雀、跑馬仔、妞妞、鬥地主、三公、老虎機等多款遊戲,一個App就有齊!唔使註冊,即down即玩,萬人同時在線,3秒迅速配枱!
-三國老虎機,市面上唯一一款結合三國歷史的老虎機游戏,既能學又能玩! 超多組合,超高中獎率!
-21點/三公/四支刀/鋤大D 更多經典撲克牌,應有盡有,百玩不厭!
“Happy Fight” is specially created for Hong Kong players! Hong Kong-style sparrow, horse racing, niu niu, landlord, san gong, slot machine and many other games, all in one app! Don’t register, you’re down and play, ten thousand people are online at the same time, and the channel will be allocated quickly in 3 seconds!
===Game Features===
[Sparrow Poker is for you to play]
-Fighting Landlords Classic/Sickness/No-shuffling gameplay, enjoy the fun of fighting and win the fun!
-Hong Kong-style sparrow/horsehorse, the most classic Hong Kong-style native sparrow
-Classic Niuniu/Hundred Niuniu, fun and exciting, and a lucky prize pool to share tens of millions of game coins!
-Three Kingdoms Slot Machine, the only slot game on the market that combines the history of the Three Kingdoms, you can learn and play! Super many combinations, super high winning rate!
-Hundreds of people shoot the goal, hit, miss, hit the post, a variety of odds, exciting and challenging!
-Thirteen gun gameplay, smart card management, one-key operation
-Texas Hold’em, masters gathered
-21 o’clock/three males/four knives/hoe big D More classic playing cards, you will never get tired of playing!
-Fair playing field, there are different game formats for you to choose, you can finish the game in the time of drinking tea!
-Full Cantonese dubbing, funny words, just wait, come to play cards tonight!
【Friends Social】
-Using our friend’s appointment function, open the platform online, health sparrow, physical and mental health
-Support multi-person chat, voice chat, friends can play together no matter how far away
-Join the guild and meet more like-minded friends
[More systems]
-Sign in the lottery, points mall, guild monopoly, move your fingers, and receive free rewards!
-Money tree, cute pets, funny, lots of fun, friends with each other, earn coins together!
-Exclusive business card frame and badges are added to create a unique personal business card!

開心鬥一番-港式麻雀 跑馬仔 鋤大D等5 IN 1 3.7.9 APK MOD Software for Android – APK Download Infomation

requiresAndroid 4.4+

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