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王道 RPG グランドサマナーズ : グラサマ 3.59.2 APK MOD Software for Android – APK Download

RPG 3.47.0 APK MOD Software for Android APK Download

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王道 RPG グランドサマナーズ : グラサマ APK MOD Software for Android – APK Download ◆王道 RPG「グランドサマナーズ」誕生!◆

・王道 RPG を探している
・昔ならではのドット絵×RPG を楽しみたい
・育成 RPG が好き
・ド派手な RPG×バトルゲームを探している
・RPG ならではのストーリーを楽しみたい
・シンプルな操作でアクション RPG を楽しみたい
・戦略要素が豊富な RPG アプリを探している




王道 RPG ならではの育成・戦略・キャラクターなど盛りだくさん!

タップ&ドラッグの簡単操作で RPG キャラクターの奥義や装備を使いこなせ!

▼最大 4 人同時マルチプレイ

RPG ファンに自信を持って贈る最高峰の 2D グラフィック!
◆ The royal road RPG “Grand Summoners” is born! ◆

▼ Recommended for people like this
・ I like RPG (role playing)
・ Looking for a royal road RPG
・ I want to enjoy old-fashioned pixel art x RPG
・ I like upbringing RPGs
・ I like multiplayer
・ I want to enjoy the battle with simple operations
・ I’m looking for a flashy RPG x battle game
・ I want to enjoy the story unique to RPGs
・ I want to enjoy action RPG with simple operations
・ I’m looking for an RPG app with a lot of strategic elements
・ I like real-time battles

▼ Introduction of the story
This is a story of memory and bonds

Lactohelm, the land where the gods and demons once fought for supremacy.
Hundreds of years have passed since the ancient war, and people enjoyed a peaceful time.
However, the peaceful days suddenly end.

–With the resurrection of the sealed demons.

▼ Characters that color the story
Summon old heroes and set out on an adventure!
A lot of training, strategies, characters, etc. unique to the royal road RPG!
Cultivate your own strongest character and lead the world to peace!

▼ Exhilarating auto battle
Super new sense operation x flashy action battle system!
Master the mysteries and equipment of RPG characters with simple tap and drag operations!

▼ Up to 4 players simultaneous multiplayer
Kizuna heats up the action battle!
Confront the mighty bosses with adventurers from all over the country via online communication!
Relieve stress in cooperative battles!

▼ Graphic that has been carefully selected
Units, bosses, backgrounds … everything is overwhelming quality!
The best 2D graphics to give to RPG fans with confidence!

王道 RPG グランドサマナーズ : グラサマ 3.47.0 APK MOD Software for Android – APK Download Infomation

Size 73MB
Location Role Playing
Version 3.47.0
AppID jp.goodsmile.grandsummoners_android
version 3.47.0
rating 10.0
install 500,000+
requires Android 4.4+

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