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Kobo 8.29.29658 APK MOD Software for Android APK Download

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樂天Kobo – 全球中外文暢銷電子書 8.29.29658 screenshots 1


樂天Kobo – 全球中外文暢銷電子書 APK MOD Software for Android – APK Download 全球百萬名讀者愛用樂天 Kobo!立刻一起加入愛用者行列吧,只要輕點手指即可探索超過 500 萬本電子書!

透過 Kobo 閱讀應用程式您可以瀏覽樂天 Kobo 豐富藏書 (全球暢銷電子書、漫畫和童書),只要開啟智慧型手機或平板電腦即可輕鬆啟動您的閱讀生活。還能透過作者、書名、主題或類型搜尋下一本優質讀物。

瀏覽樂天 Kobo 免費電子書,尋找您喜歡的書籍。


Kobo 閱讀應用程式擁有最棒的功能,帶給您最優質的閱讀享受:

• 客製化您的閱讀方式,根據喜好調整清晰鮮明的文字大小和樣式;試試夜間模式,睡前享受片刻輕鬆的閱讀盛宴;可依您喜歡的方式調整螢幕鎖定為縱向或橫向。

• 根據您的閱讀習慣提供個人化推薦能讓您輕鬆探索。此外,透過千本免費預覽的電子書,協助您找到下一本優質讀物。

• 啟動後立即銜接上次停下的地方讓您方便繼續閱讀,絕對不會遺忘。Kobo 閱讀應用程式會自動同步您的書籤、備註和已畫重點,輕輕鬆鬆在所有裝置上享受閱讀樂趣。

• 將您喜愛的閱讀內容、喜愛的引述、備註和想法分享在Facebook、Twitter 和 Instagram 上。

• 可以評價您所閱讀的書籍或是讀取像您一樣的愛書者所的評價內容!

• 繁體中文電子書外也可選購英文、法文、西班牙文、義大利文、德文、荷蘭文、葡萄牙文、巴西葡萄牙文或日文書籍。

如您有任何問題,請聯絡樂天Kobo客服中心,或致電免付費客服電話 00-801-127-771
Millions of readers around the world love Lotte Kobo! Join the ranks of the loved ones at once, and explore more than 5 million e-books with just a few clicks!

Through the Kobo Reader app, you can browse Lotte Kobo’s rich collection of books (the world’s best-selling e-books, comics and children’s books), and start your reading life with just a smart phone or tablet. You can also search for the next quality reading by author, title, subject or type.

Browse the Lotte Kobo free ebook and find the books you like.
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View our most popular and popular e-books, and update your leaderboard information!
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The Kobo Reader app has the best features for the best reading experience:

• Customize your reading style and adjust the clear and clear text size and style according to your preferences; try night mode and enjoy a relaxing reading feast before going to bed; adjust the screen to portrait or landscape in the way you like.

• Personalized recommendations based on your reading habits make it easy to explore. In addition, through thousands of free preview e-books, you can help you find the next high-quality reading.

• Immediately after the start, you will be able to continue reading with the last stop, which will never be forgotten. The Kobo Reading app automatically syncs your bookmarks, notes, and highlights, making it easy to read on all your devices.

• Share your favorite readings, favorite quotes, notes, and ideas on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

• You can evaluate the books you read or read the reviews of the book lovers like you!

• English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Dutch, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese or Japanese books are also available outside the traditional Chinese e-book.

If you have any questions, please contact Lotte Kobo Customer Service Center, or call the toll-free customer service number 00-801-127-771
感謝您使用 樂天Kobo 閱讀!

樂天Kobo – 全球中外文暢銷電子書 8.29.29658 APK MOD Software for Android – APK Download Infomation

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