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事業者向け通販 “モノタロウ” 6.3.0 APK MOD Software for Android – APK Download

6.3.0 APK MOD Software for Android APK Download

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事業者向け通販 “モノタロウ” APK MOD Software for Android – APK Download 事業者向けサイト現場を支えるネットストア モノタロウ(MonotaRO)の公式ショッピングアプリです。

※ 「モノタロウ」アプリへのログインが必要です。

※ 「モノタロウ」アプリでのご注文手続きに限ります。
※ 「モノタロウ」アプリへのログインが必要です。


※ 一部のモノタロウ取扱い商品について、検索できない商品があります。


※ 一部配送業者に限ります。


※ 「モノタロウ」アプリへのログインが必要です。



※ 「モノタロウ」アプリへのログインが必要です。


This is the official shopping app of MonotaRO, an online store that supports websites for businesses.

Functions only for the “Monotarou” app
● Daily special price notification
In Monotaro, the categories decided on a daily basis will be 10% off. But it’s a hassle to check every day.
Please select the category you are interested in from the new notification setting screen. Don’t forget to let the Monotaro app know when the category you choose is a bargain.
We will also secretly tell you a secret special sale where all the Monotaro brands will be discounted, so please use it!
* You need to log in to the “Monotarou” app.

● Easy application of coupons and campaigns
With the app, just tap the displayed coupon or campaign. You can easily apply special prices. You no longer have to write down the code or enter it one by one.
* Limited to ordering procedures using the “Monotarou” app.
* You need to log in to the “Monotarou” app.

● Image search
You can easily find the product by taking a picture of the product with a camera.

● Barcode search
You can easily find the product by scanning the barcode of the product with the camera.
* Some of the products handled by Monotaro cannot be searched.

Introduction of functions of the “Monotarou” app
● Keyword search
You can search by various keywords such as product name, brand name, product number, etc. from the abundant product lineup of over 18 million items.

● Shipment notification / arrival notification
You can be notified of the shipment and arrival of the ordered items.
Not only can you know the shipping status of the product, but you can also quickly know that the product has arrived at the office while you are at the site.
* Limited to some delivery companies.

● Search by category
You can search for products by following the same product classification as the catalog. It can also be combined with keyword search.

● What I bought
If you have a product you want to repurchase, please use “What you bought”. You can see a list of products purchased in the past.
In addition, frequently purchased items are displayed on the home screen, so you can reorder immediately after launching the app.
* You need to log in to the “Monotarou” app.

● What I saw
You don’t have to search for a product once it’s displayed. You can quickly look back with the “What you saw” function.

● Favorite
You can see a list of products registered as favorites and edit the contents of your favorites.
Please register and use the products you buy often or the products you care about.

● Purchase history
You can check the order status (shipped / canceled … etc.) and order number.
* You need to log in to the “Monotarou” app.

● Basket synchronization
You can automatically sync your app and website baskets.
You can also use the app to search for products in your spare time and then shop slowly on your computer later!

About the use of “Monotarou”
* Monotaro is a service for corporations and sole proprietors.
* For general consumers, please use the Internet home center IHC.MonotaRO.
* The “Monotarou” app can only be used by registered users of Monotaro for businesses.



事業者向け通販 “モノタロウ” 6.3.0 APK MOD Software for Android – APK Download Infomation

requiresAndroid 6.0+

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