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ゆるドラシル-本格派RPG- バトってボケて世界を救え 02.07.00 APK MOD Software for Android – APK Download

-RPG- 01.83.01 APK MOD Software for Android APK Download

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ゆるドラシル-本格派RPG- バトってボケて世界を救え 01.83.01 screenshots 1


ゆるドラシル-本格派RPG- バトってボケて世界を救え APK MOD Software for Android – APK Download ◆リセマラ不要ではじめられる!◆























◆ You can get started without the need for a resemara! ◆
◆ Congratulations! 7th anniversary! ◆
◆ Over 7 million downloads! ◆

No need for lycemala

The first gacha can be redrawn as many times as you like, so you don’t need to resemble it!
Challenge until you hit your favorite character!

Special Bonus

Must-see for beginners! Now we are implementing a special bonus to get super powerful units and luxurious items!
Two “Valkyrie Exchange Tickets” that allow you to select your favorite Valkyrie unit by logging in for 7 days!
4 “special item sets” containing more than 40 kinds of items!
And you will definitely get an “Ultimate Awakening Special Exchange Ticket” where you can choose a super powerful Ultimate Awakening Unit!
In addition, a beginner campaign is underway to receive 19,000 gold coins that can be used for gacha for a total of 5 days!
Now if you want to make a start dash! !!

Save the world by blurring!

Introducing a mythical RPG with a serious and comical story! I’ve never seen such a myth!
A cute character rampages in a magnificent mythical world! !! Full-scale RPG with command selection battle! !!

“Yurudora” 3 features
(1) Depth by command input for a simple auto-progress battle! Introducing a simple exhilarating battle with many flashy special moves! !!
(2) A loose and pop character with a sense of intimacy! Mythical gods, heroes, and even hostile giants have appeared as comical and unique characters ! !!
③ It doesn’t end just because it’s cute! A magnificent story in which cute characters sometimes loosely and sometimes seriously spin in the mythical world ! !!

Command input type auto battle system

The key to battle is command selection according to the battle situation that changes in real time, command input type auto battle!

From flashy magic to special moves, recovery and abnormal conditions … An exhilarating battle where you can enjoy RPG lovers irresistible elements simply and easily!
Make full use of the various commands prepared for each character and challenge the powerful enemies of the mythical world!


” Valkyrie ” is the most popular priest among the goddesses as a unit under the direct control of the main god Odin in Valhalla, the land where the gods live.

The main character, who became a member of Valkyrie on a sunny day, heads for the main god Odin to receive his first mission.

What I was waiting for before opening the door with expectations, tension, and some anxiety …

In order to confront the final battle “Ragnarok” in the prophecy, under the direction of the main god Odin, we will explore the vast world connected to the world tree “Yggdrasil” with the gods familiar in Norse mythology such as Thor, Freyja, and Loki. font color = red> Magnificent fantasy !

Can the protagonists change the set fate of destruction ! ??

Please enjoy the loose and magnificent story unfolded by unique gods !

Characters that color the story

◇ Lord Odin
The head of the gods. It was a great god who commanded all the gods … but before I knew it, it was full of gods. The recent habit is “I don’t want to work”
He is very forgetful and gives quite appropriate instructions. I have 5 of my favorite “Oden T” including spares.

◇ Thor, the god of thunder
Gentle and powerful! He often plays with Odin in heaven, but he was a kamikaze commander in the past wars.
Thoughtless, I believe that most things can be solved with muscles.
He is not very good at power, and he spends his days scolded by Freyja for destroying temple objects and precious artifacts.
I love the sea bread that says “Toru” that my daughter gave me.

◇ Freyja, Goddess of Fertility
The most common sense person in heaven. Therefore, I always put a sharp but accurate tsukkomi in the work of Odin and Thor.
It is kind to juniors and newcomers, and gently supports the main character who is a newcomer Valkyrie.

◇ Sleipnir, the sacred beast
Originally a sacred beast that was famous as a horse of Odin. It has become a humanoid for some reason, but despite its impactful appearance, it is famous as a gentleman.
Recently, he carries Odin to his destination with a piggyback, a piggyback, and a princess hug in order to fulfill his duty as a horse even if he becomes a humanoid.


ゆるドラシル-本格派RPG- バトってボケて世界を救え 01.83.01 APK MOD Software for Android – APK Download Infomation

Size 73MB
Location Role Playing
Version 01.83.01
AppID jp.cloverlab.yurudora
version 01.83.01
rating 10.0
install 1,000,000+
requires Android 4.0.3+

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